• Lewis - Prism Automotive

Product Reviews

There is an abundance of car care products in the car valeting world. Choosing the correct products for the job is half the battle when cleaning a car. I have had years of exposure to these chemicals and have found my go to products and like to mix them up a bit when I am out on the road. I use different products depending on paint type, wheels and tyre brands, whether the car is a cabriolet, and what sort of scents the car best suites.

99% of my products are PH neutral (yes there is a place for acidic or alkaline products!) and will not harm the environment - which is a big deal for myself and many other people. Also you get what you pay for. I would rather use a more expensive tyre dressing that actually lasts and protects the tyre wall from UV rays and does not slop all over that clean paintwork after driving the car for the first time. These minor details all stack up into making a good valet a great valet, making the car stand up from the crowd.

I will be reviewing the products I use and outline why I use them. I also like to test out new products from time to time. I have decided to do this simply because I enjoy what I do and helps to keep things fresh. I also want to give you confidence that I have your car's best interest at heart.

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