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Tar and glue removal

Next time your car is clean, take a look around the lower parts of the vehicle and in the wheel drums and spokes. You will notice little black "spots" stuck to the surface and are very stubborn unless the correct product is used. The worst possible thing to do to get these off is either scrub hard or use a fingernail to pick them off (yes people do this!). Not only does this marr the painwork but it doesn't fully get the tar spot off the paintwork. Tar and glue removers soften and dissolve these tar spots allowing them to effortlessly be wiped off with a soft microfibre towel adding a nice level of detail to your clean car - once you see them you cannot unsee them.

(ValetPro Citrus Tar and Glue remover in action)

I offer tar spot removal as part of my Silver valet package (see the services page on the website) but can add it to any package if required. It is also used as part of the decontamination process before mahine polishing.

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